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  • Team Stupid Tubes... and why we give to The Arthritis Foundation
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Team Stupid Tubes... and why we give to The Arthritis Foundation

Team Stupid Tubes... and why we give to The Arthritis Foundation


NO!  They are not the latest British boy-band!  Read on....

A little over 3 years prior to the arrival of our twin boys, Kim and I were blessed with our first child, a beautiful little girl we named Campbell.  As in many families, she instantly became the love of our lives as we watched her reach all the typical baby milestones.  I have wonderful memories of feeding her milk bottles while reading books to her off of my Original Droid smartphone.  Often she would fall asleep, but I could never understand how anyone, regardless of age, could pass out while listening to narration of The Lord of the Rings.  Really?  

Anyway... time passed, and shortly after we had moved into our new house (no correlation that we're aware of) something strange began to happen.  Campbell started to get fevers each afternoon.  She'd wake up from her naps in tears and just want to be held.  After a bit of that, she'd seem ok.  But this went on for a couple weeks.  A few visits to our pediatrician didn't turn up anything.  After about a month, our doctor advised that we spend a day or two at Phoenix Children's Hospital to have her get checked out.


We spent an agonizing 7 days there.  At 19 months of age, Campbell went under general anesthesia 4 times, had a night with a 107° fever, and was kept in contact isolation hooked up to an IV the entire time.  This 'pole on wheels' that she had to constantly lug around lovingly became known as the "Stupid Tubes".  On the 7th day, we finally received the diagnosis that she had Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (SJIA).  

Campbell at Phoenix Children's HospitalAbout the time of her 2nd birthday we had honed in on her treatment plan.  We chose a 3-pronged approach that would hopefully send the arthritis into remission (as we were told, it is a life-long condition).  Part one was a new biologic medication which specifically treated Systemic JIA in very young children.  Part two was to treat her using naturopathic remedies.  And part three was to change her nutritional intake.  Here goes nothin'!  

The next several months were rough.  Especially in the beginning before we began her real course of treatment.  Her condition worsened to the point where at times, simply taking one step was too painful.  She would just cry and need to be held.  Most of the time she couldn't walk down the stairs.  It was one of those times where as a parent you would do ANYTHING to trade places with your child, and it was agonizing knowing that you couldn't.  






A few months later, we participated in the Arizona Arthritis Walk.  We wanted to make an impact and raise as much money as we could, so we formed a team and decided to call it The Stupid Tubes.

Team Stupid Tubes at the 2012 Arthritis Walk

After about a year had passed we were truly experiencing a MIRACLE!  Whether it was parts 1, 2, or 3, or divine intervention, or any combination of the above, our darling Campbell was doing remarkably well.  And shortly after her 3rd birthday we were able to stop the biologic medication.  And to this day, at 6 years and 2 months, her arthritis continues to stay in remission and she remains a thriving and very active little lady who amazes us everyday.  

BUT.....   our story is rare.

Believe it or not 300,000 CHILDREN suffer from arthritis, just in the United States.  This equates to 1 in 1000 kids.  And for most of them, arthritis is active in their lives everyday.  It affects their families, their education, their activities... it's the real deal.

So each year, The Stupid Tubes has returned to the Arthritis Walk and raised money to help fund research to find a cure for arthritis.  And for the same reason, GroovyTwins has committed to donating 5% of our profits to the Arthritis Foundation.  If you've read this far, accept our sincerest Thank You for taking an interest in Campbell's story and the birth of The Stupid Tubes.  :)

Campbell and her twin brothers, Emmett and Andrew

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