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Top 5 Memes about Twins

There are quite a few twin-themed memes out there.  Some are truly hilarious while others don't seem to make much sense, aren't really funny at all, or are actually offensive.  We went through the painstaking task of sifting through them all to bring you the 5 memes we think are the best on the web.  Enjoy!

Twins Meme #5

Mom and dad to be puking in the toilet when they find out they're having twins.

Twins Meme #4

How to tell your twins apart?  Shave numbers 1 and 2 on their heads!

Twins Meme #3

Girl with confused expression says "If you guys are twins, how come you're not identical?"

Twins Meme #2

Jurassic Park dinosaurs lurk around the corner from hiding boy.  This is how it feels to evade your twins long enough to use the toilet alone.

Small, but mighty, our #1 Twins Meme...

Hand sketch of fraternal boy girl twins plotting how to make mom go insane.

  • John Pruden
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