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  • The 'Business' of Twins
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The 'Business' of Twins

The 'Business' of Twins
It began one morning as I sat on the toilet. Normally thinking about what the work day will bring, my thoughts drifted to very different subject. Kim and I were expecting our second child and later that day was the appointment for the first ultrasound. When Kim was pregnant with our daughter three years prior, the pregnancy was high-risk and there were lots of ultrasound appointments, and I tried to go to as many as I could. Memory escapes me, but I'm thinking I made it to at least half of them. Despite the long drive, I looked forward to the appointments. They were exciting!


So, there I sat. I started to think about the ultrasound appointment a few hours away and I said to myself, "Geez... what if Kim's pregnant with twins? Man, that'd be crazy." And that was the end of it. I wrapped up my business and went back to my desk.
Holy Cow! The Prudens are expecting Twins!

Doctor visits are like going to the movies. Right?

In true John-fashion, I worked right up until the last possible minute, leaving zero margin for error for an on-time arrival at the doctors. Kim was already out on the town and I was to meet her at the doctors office at 2pm. But of course... after a couple red lights I was now running late. Only by five minutes, and I figured that was no big deal, because surely as I walked into the lobby I'd find Kim sitting there and we'd continue to sit there for at least another 10 minutes, and then another 10-15 minutes once we were brought back to the exam room. It's like going to the movies and sitting through 25 minutes of ads and previews.  Why hurry! I sped anyway.
As I pulled into the parking lot a funny thing happened. Kim's face appeared on my phone accompanied by the ominous melody of The Imperial March. I accepted her call only to find out she was already in the exam room! Seriously?? I wasn't even five minutes late!! (thanks to my speeding) Since when does this happen??!! Fortunately, the sonogram tech was cool and didn't have any problem waiting a few minutes for me to run in and find my way back to the room before she got started.

After scanning around for a few minutes, and getting a good image up on the screen she very nonchalantly looked at us and said, "and there are your babies." Ummm... Pardon?? I looked at Kim, she looked at me, and I looked back at our tech. "Uhh... you said, that.. umm... there was an 's'. You said 'BABEEEES'... plural." And our hearts literally stopped beating as our jaws hit the floor. "WHAT?!?!? That's CRAZY!!!" as she affirmed her answer. "Yeah, you guys are having twins." Kim and I looked back at each other... "Holy $h^%! We're having twins!!"

Then I thought back to my moment on the toilet earlier that morning. In disbelief, I sat there thinking "Wow...". It was one of the most surreal moments in my life.

And that's how it started.

About 7 months later we were blessed with identical boys, Andrew and Emmett. That was 2.5 years ago. Since that time, I have witnessed my wife perform the most extraordinary juggling act of all time. And I'd have to assume that most other moms of twins have done the same, especially those who have additional kiddos! I wish I could say this with as a first-hand witness, rather than a mere assumption, but hey... I'm a dad of twins and an older daughter... I can barely keep up with my own family! It's a safe assumption though.

But let's get down to the whole point here. I have since scoured the web for gifts of jewelry that are symbolic of or inspired by twins. And I've had almost zero luck! There are literally like two items out there. Two peas in a pod, and maybe two hearts or something like that. I finally thought to myself, "I have a design education, I have technical cad skills, and I have e-commerce skills. I can do something about this! My wife, and every other mom of twins, deserves to adorn herself in jewels that honor all the blood, sweat, tears, and lack of sleep!" And so I set out to make this happen.

And so GroovyTwins was born. A humble beginning with only 6 designs. But it's a start. A few baby steps to something that will hopefully become a larger part of our family, and hopefully a little part of your family too.
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