Who We Really Are.

Pruden family photo on steps shows Twin life is Always Crazy.

Photo courtesy of Laura Segall Photography

In November 2012 we got the surprise of our lives...

when we found out we were having identical twin boys. Numerous times since then I have shopped for jewelry that is symbolic of, or inspired by, or has anything at all to do with... twins. And each time I'm amazed at how little is out there.

Even a simple, inexpensive piece of jewelry can serve as a long-term and meaningful symbol of our love for our incredible little duos (or not so little if yours are older). I got tired of seeing the same old one or two cliche pieces and decided I'd start designing my own jewelry. After creating a few designs for my wife, Kim, I thought "We're not the only parents of twins out there who'd love to see more twin-related jewelry. Let's make more of these and share them with the rest of the Twin community!"

So here we are.  

GroovyTwins.com is owned and operated by John and Kim Pruden from our home in Phoenix, Arizona.  We are honored to have you as customers and want to make sure you are delighted with your purchase.  We welcome all feedback and are constantly striving to be the best we can be.  Contact us anytime.